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Hey, I'm Carmen! 

I’m a college senior, majoring in Communication Studies at The University of North Carolina, Wilmington. Aside of school, I’m from a small town in the Outer Banks of North Carolina. I love to watch Netflix and be lazy, run to the beach, find new music, and waste lots of time on Pinterest. When I’m not doing those things, I’m constantly hanging out with friends, doing homework, working on the blog, or going to the gym. 

A little over a year ago, I was diagnosed with 3 mental health disorders. I was honestly instantly relieved that my feelings felt valid. Ever since, I’ve spent a lot of my time researching how to better myself and help others. 

Months ago, I came across a book series from Rachel Hollis, a woman who built an entire empire based on teaching personal development. Following her was (and still is) a huge contributor to my personal growth, and it gave me the idea and inspiration for The SOP. 

Through sharing my story, I hope to change the stigmas on mental health disorders. But even bigger than that, I hope this platform will help me inspire, encourage, and support other women. ❤️

Carmen Reynolds

Student, Blogger


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